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Our Environment

What will our building look, sound, and feel like?

  • Ensuring that all students have the supplies and resources they need to
    be successful.
  • People are treated as individuals with unique attributes, skills, and
  • Our building is a place where all ideas and identities are welcomed and
  • Encouraging the development of study skills and work habits for success
    in and out of school.
  • An accepting environment for all
  • Provide elective classes
  • Provide job and career resources
  • More supervised areas
  • Posters
  • Teach persistence
  • Incorporate more goal setting in academic courses
  • Teachers modeling growth mindsets and the power of yet
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Group work teaching emotional regulation and pro-social skills
  • School based mental health programs
  • Providing better access to elective courses taught at the high school
  • Peer helpers for new students
  • Students engaged in learning
  • Continuity with staff and programs
  • Positive interactions between students and staff
  • Providing resources based on current student need
  • Teachers building on student strengths
  • Using inquiry based or project based learning that include student interests and ideas
  • Students have the opportunity to create their own graduation plan (clp/plp)
  • Model empathy and positive communications
  • Welcoming and well kept building
  • Staff accommodate student needs /having high expectations
  • Offering a variety of relevant classes that fit student interests
  • Helping students with study skills and strategies
  • Provide more teacher personal development when needed