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Keys for Success

Take Challenging Courses: Increased learning & academic growth demands continual challenge. Colleges, universities, and training programs seek students who challenge themselves through the end of their senior year. While a high grade point average is important, admissions counselors and employers look for a rigorous well-rounded high school experience.

School Grades: Grades are important as they indicate a student's level of achievement. Colleges, technical colleges, and employers require that students have the necessary background skills for further learning and training. Employers are also interested in high school accomplishments.

Attendance: Strong correlation exists between consistent attendance, good grades and work performance. Employers check high school records to seek potential employees who exhibit solid work habits.

Relationship With Others: Proper relationships are an important factor in contributing to academic success. It is important to develop and maintain positive working relationships with other students, teachers and staff.

School and Community Involvement: Research studies have shown that students who participate in school and community activities tend to have better attendance, better grades and stronger relationships with fellow students, teachers and administrators. Students are encouraged to make the most of their high school careers by being actively involved in both school and community.