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About the Program

What to expect

Credit Recovery is an opportunity to earn half credit classes while still going to school full time. Classes occur after school at FLACS or FLAHS depending on the class that is needed.

Courses can start as early as 2:30pm and end as late as 4:30pm. Courses are conducted in a blended manner which means that instruction and some work will be done on site and some work will need to be completed off site. Many staff members will use Canvas for credit recovery courses. When working off site, you can get work done at home, in a coffee shop, at a local library or a place of your choice. All Credit Recovery courses meet UP to 4x’s per week (Tues - Fri)

Please note:  Attendance is critical!  If a significant amount of days are missed, a meeting will be set up with student and family to determine a program plan.

What if I've take the course before?

If your student is repeating a course that they have taken 1X or more, he/she will be given an assessment to determine which standard/s they need to master on the first day.  When this is determined, instruction will be focused on the standards that have not been met for the course.  Since the student is taking the course for a 2nd time or more, the timing of credit recovery completion will vary for each individual student.  (Students have already put in their seat time which means the goal is to master the standards to recover the credit).


What do I need to do to get started?

Please speak with your dean to figure out what classes are right for you.