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Power Up

Alternative Options for students in grades 7-8.  

  In Power Up, students will receive academic support in English and Math, as well as curriculum to enhance their study skills, organization and social/emotional learning. The program is designed to assist students with the necessary skills at the secondary level to be successful learners. The classes are an elective option for students during their day at the Middle School. The Power Up team is dedicated to building positive relationships with students and is passionate about helping them succeed. Students will be monitored and information on progress will be shared frequently with students and parents.  The instructional setting will look different with flexible seating, project based learning, no homework and class sizes will be limited to 20 students per individual Power Up class.   Power Up is a proactive option for students who need additional support with instruction and a different delivery method of instruction.  We believe that students meet their full potential by producing high levels of engagement through positive relationships and a healthy learning environment.  We have students with different gifts and strengths that need to be recognized and will be supported through our Power Up program.  Power Up is developed to meet the learning styles of students who may align with the non-traditional classroom setting.   We welcome a meeting to determine your student's educational needs and discuss programming options.  To enroll please contact your child's counselor at the Middle School or Elementary School.     More information: Kelly Lafean - Principal of FLACS and FL Alternative Learning for the District 651-982-3171   Amy Gibson - Dean of FLACS 651-982-3188