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Community School Student Attendance

The legal mandate from the State of Minnesota states: Children between the ages of 7 and 17 are required to receive instruction at a school as defined by the statute. (Minnesota Statute 120A.22.)

At seven or more unexcused absences a student meets the legal definition of a “habitual” truant. For students attending high school, this is further defined as, “a student who is absent from attendance at school without lawful excuse for one or more class periods on seven school days and who has not lawfully withdrawn from school.” 

Community School Attendance Line - 651-982-3150

High School Attendance Line: 651-982-8414

Middle School Attendance Line: 651-982-3012

Student Absences: Students who are absent from school for any part of the school day must have a valid excuse from a parent. The parent/guardian(s) must either leave a message on the Attendance Line (651-982-3150) prior to, or on the day of the absence, providing a valid reason (see links to the left) for the absence(s), or send a note with the student upon returning to school. The student will need to bring this note to the Health office.

The message needs to include: 

Absences in which a valid reason for the absence are not provided by a parent/guardian will be considered unexcused/truant. By law, county petitions need to be filed with the court system when a student reaches seven full or partial days of truancy or unexcused absences. In addition, classroom assignments and exams are subject to zero credit when a student is absent and unexcused for any given class period. Any questions regarding absences of this nature should be discussed with your child’s dean or the truancy interventionist.

  • name of parent/guardian
  • name and grade of student
  • date of absence
  • reason for the absence.