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Adding Additional Students to Parent Canvas Account

Linking Additional Students to a Parent Account

If you signed up for a Canvas account as a parent, you can add students to observe within the same institution. 

To link yourself to a student, you will need to enter a student-specific pairing code. Pairing codes are case sensitive and are valid for seven days. Students can generate pairing codes from their User Settings. Admins and instructors may also generate pairing codes. For more information on pairing codes, view the Pairing Codes - Frequently Asked Questions PDF.


Open User Settings

In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then click the Settings link [2].


Open Observing

In User Navigation, click the Observing link.


Add Student

Type the pairing code in the Student Pairing Code field [1] and click the Add Student button [2].


View Student

View the paired student.

  • You cannot add students whose accounts are not within Forest Lakes Area School (Canvas URL). To observe students in another district, you must sign up for an account using that district's Canvas URL.
  • Once you have linked to a student from the Observing page, you cannot remove the student.